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I help commission only salespeople generate their own leads without relying on a 3rd party.*1702615413399*1702489786758*Alan_logo*png?alt=media&token=095b5aea-294a-442f-a157-f803f5044087
Social Media marketing for commission only salespeople.

Get More Business with H.E.A.T. Method

Alan Stern is the founder and President of Persona Marketing - as well as an engaging entrepreneur & public speaker. He specializes in educating small business owners, and sales professionals in the real estate, mortgage and insurance industries, about do-it-yourself social media marketing - leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

Through using the H.E.A.T. Method, business people can also leverage time spent at business networking events to their advantage; humor makes them more likable, education helps them learn new things, adding value makes them see you are looking out for them, and trust is built through positive reviews.

Each of these elements play key roles in how audiences perceive and interact with people and the brands they represent. This end result is based in cognitive science and the psychology of persuasion that help build a strong and loyal customer base.*1702615414700*1702493356306*Persona_image_004%252520(1)*png?alt=media&token=eceacf45-bfb0-4bff-ab49-7f642352e429
People don't buy from brands, they buy from people who represent brands.
Alan teaches you how to utilize

The H.E.A.T. Method

Create a personal connection by using Humor, and you'll have a message that sticks. When people laugh, they tend to remember what made them laugh.
Position yourself as a resource vs a salesperson by using Education in your marketing, doing this allow you to generate leads by solving problems.
Introduce something of value to your network, and they will remember the source. This is how you stay top of mind outside of business.
Nobody can sell you better than a satisfied customer, collect and repurpose testimonials so that your clients can brag about you can "scale the sale."



Leveraging Artificial Intelligence: 
Easy as 1-2-3

Learn how to:
Identify problems that cause your prospects to reach out to you
Create urgency by learning the consequences of not solving those problems
Create content that resonates with people in two minutes or less.

The byproduct of working with Persona Marketing

She was great at selling homes but struggled to stand out in the digital world. Her social media posts were often overlooked, and her listings weren't getting the attention they deserved. Sarah knew she needed a change but wasn't sure where to start.

That's when Sarah discovered Alan and his H.E.A.T. Method. Skeptical at first, she decided to take a leap of faith and enrolled in the 3-Day Crash Course. Alan introduced her to a world where humor, education, adding value, and trust weren't just concepts, but powerful tools in her marketing arsenal. She learned to weave these elements into her social media strategy, using AI and graphic design techniques that were surprisingly simple yet effective.

Fast forward three months, and Sarah's online presence had done a complete 180. Her listings were getting more views than ever, her social media engagement had skyrocketed, and her network had grown exponentially. The best part? She was closing deals faster, with clients who felt they knew, liked, and trusted her before they even met in person. Sarah had become more than just a realtor; she was a trusted advisor in her community, all thanks to the insights and skills she gained from Alan's course.

Just like Sarah, you too can elevate your real estate business. With Alan's guidance and the H.E.A.T. Method, you'll not only capture the attention of your audience but also build lasting relationships that turn leads into loyal clients.

Despite his extensive experience and deep knowledge, John found himself lost in a sea of generic marketing materials provided by his corporation. His personal touch was missing, and his client engagement was not as strong as he knew it could be.

That all changed when John connected with Alan. Initially hesitant about the investment, John decided to dive in, motivated by the promise of creating marketing content that truly reflected his personal brand. Alan's coaching wasn't just about marketing strategies; it was a journey into harnessing the power of personalization, using the H.E.A.T. Method to connect with clients on a more meaningful level.

Several weeks later, John's marketing approach had transformed. His clients were responding enthusiastically to the personalized content he now created. They felt understood and well-cared for, leading to an increase in referrals and repeat business. John had not only enhanced his professional image but also built stronger, trust-based relationships with his clients. He was no longer just another loan officer; he was a trusted advocate with a unique, client-centered approach.

Like John, you can redefine your role as a loan officer. With Alan’s tailored coaching and innovative strategies, you can create marketing content that truly resonates with your clients, setting you apart as a knowledgeable and caring professional in the financial industry.

Despite her expertise and commitment, Emily often found it challenging to communicate the true value of her policies in a way that resonated with potential clients. She wanted to offer more than just insurance; she wanted to offer peace of mind.

When Emily discovered Alan Stern's specialized training at an event one day, she saw an opportunity to transform her approach. She learned to apply the H.E.A.T. Method to her insurance offerings, focusing on Humor, Education, Adding Value, and Trust in her communications. Alan's training equipped her with innovative strategies to present insurance not just as a financial decision but as a life-enhancing choice.

Withing a few weeks, Emily's client interactions changed significantly. She was now able to connect with her clients on a deeper level, understanding their concerns and offering solutions that truly met their needs. Her clients began to see her not just as an agent, but as a trusted advisor who genuinely cared about their well-being. This led to a surge in referrals and long-term client relationships, as her clients felt more than insured—they felt understood and protected.

Like Emily, you can be more than just an insurance agent; you can be a guardian of your clients' peace of mind. With Alan’s unique training, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate the value of your offerings, building trust and long-lasting relationships with your clients.

As an insurance agent, I have always been aware of the importance of a being able to market myself and my agency to reach potential clients in today's digital age. Recognizing this need, I decided to partner with Alan Stern to learn how to become the best possible One Man Content Machine and grow my business.

I am delighted to share my experience working with them. From the outset, Alan demonstrated a deep understanding of my goals and worked with me to make sure I fully understood how to get the most out of my marketing efforts. When he walked me through the HEAT method, I was able to see the vision as to how working with Alan was going to help my business in ways that I did not realize were possible.

One of the aspects I appreciated most about working with Alan is his transparency and communication. Alan made everything easy to understand and made sure to check in with me to make sure that I was able to fully implement the things he taught my team and I. This level of communication helped build trust and confidence from everyone on my team while working with Alan.

The results speak for themselves. Since partnering with Alan January 2022, my agency has generated over $46,000 in premium through his methods. Not only has Alan helped me attract new clients, but I have been able to drastically improve my agency’s brand awareness.

Additionally, Alan has proven to be flexible and adaptable while always being more than willing to adjust strategies based on what I was looking for and anything new in Alan’s toolbox. This agility has been instrumental in staying ahead of the competition and maximizing our ROI. In conclusion, working with Alan has been a game-changer for my insurance agency.

His expertise, professional humor, and commitment to achieving results have made him an invaluable partner to myself and my team. I highly recommend Alan to any sales professional looking to grow their business while having fun at the same time.*1702615416014*1702496293831*Persona_image_005%252520(1)*png?alt=media&token=81b0ccc6-5473-4fd9-83d9-778aea2c5042

About Alan's Presentation For Business Growth

Small business owners, along with real estate, mortgage, and insurance sales professionals will be delighted when they attend Alan’s educational and entertaining presentation that shows them how to “stand out from the crowd” on social media! You will learn how to use high-impact social media marketing through “freemium apps”, and by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) - in a way that simplifies this new technology.

Alan makes it easy for you to walk away with usable skills to grow their social media audience and reach target markets more effectively to increase their bottom line - without paying for costly marketing services!

Alan teaches how to utilize his H.E.A.T. Method to humanize brands,” that is in line with his core philosophy: “People don’t buy from brands – they buy from the people who represent brands."

Ignite Your Social Media Presence with the H.E.A.T. Method FOR FREE, right now!

Transform How You're Remembered Online – No Extra Cost Involved!

Nowadays, everyone sees thousands of ads every day and only pays attention for a few seconds. So, how do you make sure people remember your social media posts? The answer is the H.E.A.T. Method. It's a cool way to do marketing that mixes Humor, Education, Adding Value, and Trust. This method helps you show off who you are and what you know, making people feel connected to you. It's great for making new friends at events stick around online, getting them to trust and like you through what you post.

Fill out this form to get a free video on the H.E.A.T. Method. You'll learn how to make your posts memorable and build trust without spending any money. [Fill Out Form] – Start being unforgettable online today!*Gal-0010*jpg?alt=media&token=fe731d8d-012f-4bce-ae34-f8a53385f12a*Gal-007*jpg?alt=media&token=1b3b3fbe-7950-4a40-921c-1e6fb167c3b6*Gal-0012*jpg?alt=media&token=bec6bda1-f367-4431-b5dd-d972d07fe24b*Gal-001*jpg?alt=media&token=f762be23-d0f9-483e-a5fd-797487feddb1*Gal-002*jpg?alt=media&token=8b68791e-c75a-439e-8571-902137a38d09*Gal-004*jpg?alt=media&token=2aad3d60-7329-4370-b211-d603c43c3bf5*Gal-009*jpg?alt=media&token=a840e737-b2fa-42cb-b3e3-66a2bf59b094*Gal-008*jpg?alt=media&token=d3e7b109-36e3-4ad5-9b62-ee6d786147ce*Gal-0011*jpg?alt=media&token=e02853b2-b6b5-4dd1-9b89-d84337ea9128*Gal-005*jpg?alt=media&token=c4da5f45-49e1-4f63-b2da-9f5ab073711b

Interested in Hiring Alan?

Alan presents at company or association conferences and trainings, or other events where his expertise in digital marketing and AI will be valued and welcomed by guests. Thank you for your interest!*1702615418670*1702574403005*St-Steven-New-01*png?alt=media&token=f33f54fd-56f2-40f7-a147-13eedff4d96d
Alan Stern is represented by St. Steven Public Relations and can customize his presentations to be tailored to his audiences. Contact Publicist Melanie Santostefano to inquire about booking Alan for your next event.
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